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Friday, April 22, 2016

UKIP's opposition to climate change will end flood defence work

On the BBC website Labour make the entirely reasonable assertion that UKIP plans to scraps the Welsh Government's climate change and sustainability budget will mean that future plans for flood defence work will be scrapped.

They say that communities which have been the victims of serious flooding such as St Asaph, Boverton in the Vale of Glamorgan and along the A55 would be affected by any such proposal.

The planned cut would also end schemes like "Nest", which provides warm home environments and lower energy bills for lower income families.

UKIP have immediately started to row back on their own promises as soon as it was pointed out to them what they will mean on the ground. The fact is though, that not only are they in denial on the reasons for climate change but their ideological stance would threaten the viability and future of a number of communities around Wales whilst condemning many people to continuing fuel poverty.

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