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Sunday, April 03, 2016

UKIP hoisted by their own petard

The actions of a Cardiff UKIP candidate in accusing migrants of being responsible for a rubbish problem in the city has come back to bite his party after one of its own activists dumped dozens of party leaflets at a woodland beauty spot.

Wales-on-line report that a local resident wrote to UKIP Wales leader Nathan Gill after coming across leaflets strewn in woods by the Heritage Park housing estate at St Mellons in the east of the city.

He told Mr Gill he found it ironic that the leaflets had been dumped by someone from UKIP as Gareth Bennett, the party’s lead regional candidate in South Wales Central, was embroiled in controversy after saying eastern European migrants were “unhygienic” and causing rubbish problems in the capital’s City Road area.

After an investigation, one of UKIP's activist admitted the offence, whilst others confessed to similar offences elsewhere, including placing leaflets on the floor inside apartment blocks, rather than delivering through each of the letterboxes in turn.

We await Gareth Bennett's apology to Cardiff's migrants.
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