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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

UKIP campaign thrown into chaos as race row candidate is endorsed

The UKIP campaign for the Welsh Assembly has been thrown into chaos as their NEC endorsed the candidature of the controversial Gareth Bennett in South Wales Central.

As the BBC reports, this decision was taken despite a formal complaint from 16 fellow candidates. Mr. Bennett had linked rubbish problems in Cardiff to Eastern European immigrants only for the party to be embarrassed when it emerged that their activists have been fly-tipping leaflets in the Cardiff area.

The consequences of this decision became immediately apparent. UKIP Wales head of media Alexandra Phillips stepped down as the number two list candidate in South Wales Central before the meeting. As soon as the decision was taken Neath's Llyr Powell, confirmed he will not be standing for election and withdrew both from constituency and the SouthWales list.

We await to see if there will be further withdrawals.
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