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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

More UKIP infighting and it is set to continue after the Assembly elections

Today's Western Mail reports (no link at present) that UKIP have already started planning for their possible entry into the Welsh Assembly before the electorate have even finished casting their votes and are fighting amongst themselves over the spoils.

This presumption appears to be catching. I appeared at an event recently at which the UKIP representative turned up with two companions who he introduced as the people he is going to employ as his staff once he is elected. He may have a shock when he sees the rules for employing staff, which are rigorously applied so as to ensure equal opportunity for all applicants.

The Western Mail tells us that Nathan Gill is likely to be challenged by discredited former Tory, Neil Hamilton for the leadership of his party's new National Assembly Group.

Apparently, Mr Hamilton has the support of former Conservative, Caroline Jones, who is standing in South Wales West and Gareth Bennett, who is their lead candidate in South Wales Central and recently got himself in hot water by making racially charged comments about Cardiff's Eastern European migrant community.

Mr. Gill is being backed by former Tory, Mark Reckless, who was himself rejected by voters in 2015 and has now crossed the Welsh border in search of a new job.

For those who find all these characters distasteful and are concerned at their lack of commitment to making devolution work then in South Wales West at least, a vote for the Welsh Liberal Democrats is the best way to stop them.
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