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Monday, April 18, 2016

Labour's fast food mystery

A very peculiar row has broken out within the Labour Party over an apparent snub to fast food giant, McDonalds.

The Independent reports that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been branded a “snob” by one of his own backbenchers after it was claimed the burger chain was banned from the party's autumn conference.

They say that McDonalds wanted to pay £30,000 to have a display stand promoting British farm produce at this year’s conference in Liverpool, but was turned down.

McDonalds have already been approved to display the "interactive experience" at the Conservative and the SNP conferences this September.

This decision has angered Labour MP, Wes Streeting.

He told the media that he was “exasperated” that the party “would throw away £30,000 worth of sponsorship like this”:

He said: "It smacks of a snobby attitude towards fast-food restaurants and people who work or eat at them."

In what has been interpreted as a dig at Mr Corbyn’s long-standing vegetarianism, he added: "McDonald’s may not be the trendy falafel bar that some people in politics like to hang out at but it's enjoyed by families across the country."

Personally, I am fascinated as to what the interactive experience is.
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