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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Has Labour's anti-semitism row put Corbyn's leadership in jeopardy?

With unrest growing within the Labour Party as the anti-semitism row seemingly spirals out of control the party's leadership seems powerless to rein it in.

The Telegraph speculates that the upheaval has led members of Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet to hold talks with MPs about a leadership challenge.

They say that senior figures in the party are now so concerned about the row costing the party hundreds of seats at next week's local elections that they are openly discussing the possibility of an attempted coup following the EU referendum:

Tom Watson, the deputy Labour leader, on Friday conceded that the party needs to “get a grip” on anti-Semitism, despite Mr Corbyn insisting there is “no crisis” and “no problem” with the issue.

There were also signs of a growing split between Mr Corbyn and John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, who Labour insiders last night said “wants Jeremy’s job”.

As the crisis in Mr Corbyn's inner circle deepened, there were also claims that Anneliese Midgley, Mr Corbyn's deputy chief of staff, quit in protest at his handling of the row.

It was also alleged that Simon Fletcher, the Labour leader’s chief of staff, is being edged out following repeated clashes with Seumas Milne, Mr Corbyn’s controversial director of communications.

No wonder Welsh Labour are trying to distance themselves from the whole shambles.
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