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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Deluded UKIP tries to claim antecedence with Gladstone's Liberal Party

William Gladstone was an internationalist and a classic nineteenth century liberal. The idea that he might have anything in common with the xenophobic regressive party of Nigel Farage, Mark Reckless and Neil Hamilton is ludicrous.  That though has not stopped UKIP seeking to claim part of his legacy. The question is, which part?

According to the BBC the Flintshire library dedicated to 19th Century Liberal Prime Minister William Gladstone has complained to UKIP after the party used a photo of it in its Welsh manifesto. The Hawarden institution said it was included without permission: Warden Peter Francis said it gave the impression the library was "supportive of UKIP and its policies". 

Mark Reckless though is unapologetic. He told the BBC:  "Gladstone was a great orator and believed strongly in holding public meetings, something that UKIP also firmly adheres to, and was a great advocate of preserving the UK's dominion"

So their main claim to a relationship with Gladstone is that he liked holding public meetings and so do they.  I am lost for words at the shallowness of the thinking behind such a claim.

Of course if UKIP want to claim antecedence with great orators who liked holding public meetings there may be others who better fit the bill.
I would say that the Libs should increase its oratory to the public. More meetings to discuss topics AND push the fact that OUR Gladstone was supreme. Is there any possibility of a sort of 'Speakers Corner' {like the London site) where you can get on your box and chat or is health safety security now the sad facts that stifle free speech in the open air?
> a great advocate of preserving the UK's dominion

Gladstone was no jingoist. For instance, he opposed the Khartoum adventure and the Boer War, thus incurring Queen Victoria's displeasure. He also supported home rule for Ireland, though admittedly he came late to that view.

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