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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Crass Tories to cut Business department despite steel crisis

Hopes that the Tory Government has learnt lessons from the crisis in UK steel making have been dashed by the latest news that Sajid Javid has drawn up secret plans to sack up to 40 per cent of his department's staff.

The Telegraph says that leaked documents have revealed that detailed proposals from the management consultancy McKinsey suggest firing more than 4,000 civil servants over the next four years to save money.

They add that the revelation that Mr Javid, the Business Secretary, is considering such deep cuts while facing accusations the department is failing to cope with the steel crisis will likely cause embarrassment:

The Business Secretary has already taken his eyes off the ball more than once the crisis facing our steel industry. For the sake of 20,000 jobs he really cannot afford to do so again.
The telegraphs leaked document to me is the Tories indirectly wishing to get rid of Javid because he is becoming a liability and causing embarrassment to the govnt.
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