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Thursday, March 24, 2016

UKIP embarrass themselves again over suspension of former deputy chair

The civil war within UKIP between leader Nigel Farage and his main rival for the job, Suzanne Evans has led once more to the latter's suspension from the party. However, the reason for the disciplinary action says more about the unsuitability of UKIP as a party to hold public office than it does about the target of that action.

According to Huffington Post, former deputy chair Suzanne Evans was suspended after she signed a petition opposing the selection of a candidate who compared homosexuals to Nazis.

The website says that Evans, who Nigel Farage appointed as temporary leader last year before reneging on his resignation, was one of 167 people to call on Ukip to deselect Alan Craig as the UKIP London Assembly candidate for South West London:

Craig, who was leader of the Christian Peoples Alliance before joining Ukip, has in the past described homosexuals as “gay-rights storm troopers” and the “Gaystapo”, and claimed society is now “crushed under the pink jack-boot.”

Evans signed a petition calling for him to be axed as a candidate, and wrote: “Very sorry to hear about this: our selection process has clearly failed here.”

It is interesting to note whose side the UKIP party establishment has taken in this instance.
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