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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

UKIP in disarray again as their only Welsh Councillor quits

UKIP's only Welsh Councillor has quit the party in a row over the imposition of outside candidates and failed MPs as Assembly candidates in May's election.

The Political Scrapbook site reports that Kevin Mahoney, a councillor in Vale at Glamorgan County Council, will now designate himself as an ‘Independent’ in protest at the parachuting in of Farage favourites Neil Hamilton, Mark Reckless and Alexandra Phillips.

He is quite explicit in his reasoning: The thought that I would ever sanction the candidacy of Neil ‘cash for questions’ Hamilton, the rejected-by-English-voters-at-the-General-Election, ex-Tory from Kent, Mark Reckless, or Nigel Farage’s very close friend and former PR media spokesperson from Gloucester, Alexandra Phillips, as being suitable persons to make laws that affect us all in Wales is too laughable for words.

I have regularly placed on record that, along with the majority of the British public, I despise the political class from all parties. I loathe their sense of entitlement and the fact that they arrogantly view local voters as being there for their own political career enhancement, hence the cynical and parasitical hopping from constituency to constituency, pledging their undying love for any area whose constituency party will accept them as their candidate.

I had hoped that UKIP would rise above the political cronyism that has always infected the other parties, but I’m afraid that this is not the case.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mirror reports that Nigel Farage has launched a desperate attempt to block ex-MP Neil Hamilton’s latest comeback bid:

They say that the UKIP leader fears the bow tie-wearing former Tory will wreck the party’s chances when voters go to the polls in May and that he  has waged an internal war to thwart Mr Hamilton’s return to frontline politics:

A senior UKIP source told the Mirror: “The thing with Hamilton is that every time someone tries to flush the s*** down the toilet he keeps coming back up.

“Every single time his name is anywhere near an election it becomes a ******* s*** storm. Is there any election he won’t stand for?”

Surely some of this will stick and start to impact on their support?
We haven’t got long to tell if any of this is having an effect, the latest Welsh Opinion poll will be out next week or the week after.

Like you I hope this is affecting UKIP’s support, but even if it isn't I’m hoping that Lib Dems, Plaid Cymru, Greens, the less tribal Labour and even some Tories will vote tactically to keep UKIP’s numbers as low as possible because I’d be really worried for the Assembly’s future with 10 or more kippers elected.

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