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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Key candidates petition for removal of UKIP's Welsh leader

Following on from UKIP losing their only Welsh Councillor the BBC report that a petition calling for Nathan Gill to be removed as UKIP Wales leader has been sent to the party's ruling body.

The BBC say that the petition claims there is "no coherent plan" to fight the campaign and "no effective leadership" in Wales. Apparently, more than twenty members had signed the petition, six of whom were general election candidates:

"It is understood by all that UKIP in Wales is operated on the basis of mutual respect and understanding," the petition states.

"In light of the extraordinary circumstances prevailing and indeed, as a last resort, to prevent further harm and disharmony within 'the party' it is necessary to censure and remove those responsible forthwith."

The petition accused Mr Gill of showing "a lack of leadership in all aspects pertaining to this matter".

It said that "through his inactivity or unwillingness to resolve the prevailing circumstances, [he] has exacerbated the situation to the point where members no longer have faith in his ability to lead UKIP in Wales in any effective way".

UKIP general election candidates backing the petition were Joe Smyth (Islwyn), Darran Thomas (Brecon and Radnorshire), Ken Beswick (Torfaen), Blair Smillie (Alyn and Deeside), Nigel Williams (Delyn), and Paul Davies Cooke (Vale of Clwyd).

Nigel Farage is due in Llanelli this evening for Question Time. Assuming he can find the M4 this time perhaps they should ask him about this increasing dissatisfaction in the ranks of his Welsh branch.
Following Stephen Crabb's poor performance on Question Time tonight I'm sure the BBC will stop introducing him as a potential future leader of the Tory party.
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