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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Corbyn's Trident denial hits more problems

It is well known that Jeremy Corbyn's determination to change his party's policy on Trident is meeting resistance from MPs and Unions. However, according to the Independent the head of one of Labour’s largest supporting unions has stepped up the pressure and has rebuked Jeremy Corbyn for failing to listen to the “voice of working people” by pushing ahead with his plan to review the party’s policy on this missile system.

The paper says that Paul Kenny, the head of the GMB, has warned Mr Corbyn that his union does not intend to “stand idly by” and allow Labour to ditch its support for renewing Trident, a project on which thousands of GMB members will work.

In many ways this is more serious for the Labour leader than the resistance within the Parliamentary Labour Group. The Trade Union Bill currently proceeding through Parliament could potentially cut Labour's funding by millions of pounds. If the GMB decide that they can no longer support a party which seeks to put their members out of work, then Labour's financial problems can only get worse.
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