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Monday, January 25, 2016

When a typo is beyond parody

I have committed many a typographical error on this blog and will no doubt do so at all. However, my errors do not carry the sort of consequences that face immigrants if they cannot master the English language.

And indeed the Government has now announced that spouses who came to the UK on a visa to live with their partner will have their English tested after two and a half years. If they fail the test there is “no guarantee” they will not be deported.

The Prime Minister has also confirmed that mothers with British citizen children could lose the right to live in the country their children are citizens of if their English is not up to scratch. The Independent says that with British children not necessarily able to live in other countries, families could potentially be broken up by the rule changes.

All of this is very well of course, but the least the Government could have done is to spell check or proof read the press release which announced these changes. Instead, in the press release sent out on Thursday, Home Office officials spelt the word “language” wrongly, writing it “langauge”

For once this typo has just rubbed salt in the wound.
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