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Saturday, January 09, 2016

The bizarre case of the attempted assassination of Nigel Farage

The year may only be a week old but already we have been regaled with one of the more bizarre political stories to emerge for some time.

The Telegraph reports on the aftermath of claims by Nigel Farage that somebody had attempted to assassinate him whilst he was driving through France.

The UKIP leader told a reporter that he feared he had been the victim of an assassination attempt after his car was sabotaged, causing a terrifying motorway crash in October 2015.

Mr. Farage careered off a French road after a wheel on his Volvo came loose while he was driving from Brussels back to his home in Kent. He alleges that when the police arrived at the scene, they told him that the nuts on all of the wheels had been deliberately unscrewed.

He now contends that he was misreported: "My view is whether it was deliberately tampered with or not, what happened, happened and I just want to get on with my life." 

Dunkirk’s prosecutor denied reports that Mr Farage had asked not to open an investigation: "If they had noticed a sabotage, they would have had to open an investigation". 

This is reassuring. After all we cannot have UKIP associated with loose wheels or rogue nuts.

More interesting was the consternation that was caused within UKIP ranks when the Head of Communications at the Leave EU organisation suggested that the alleged assassin might be UKIP's only MP, Douglas Carswell. Mr Carswell was outraged at the suggestion, as he should be:

UKIP may be one of Britain's most eccentric parties but their anti-EU and anti-immigration agenda is dangerous and their eccentricity should not distract us from opposing them and their views.
I'm sure that if someone attempted to run me off the road by whatever means it wouldn't be described as "attempted assassination".

Isn't "assassination" more usually used with respect to senior people...kings, presidents, prime ministers and the like?

Wouldn't attempted "murder" be a more appropriate word for Mr Farage?
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