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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Is UKIP an English party out of its depth in Wales?

The Independent records the latest gaffe by UKIP in their vain attempts to acclimatise themselves to Wales.

The paper says that the party is hosting its annual spring conference in Llandudno next month, and posted an ad on Monday featuring the "Welcome to Wales" road sign that greets drivers at the border:

Unfortunately, the Welsh actually reads "Welcome the Wales", rather than "Welcome to Wales".

This is not the first time that UKIP has erred when using the Welsh language. As the paper points out,  UKIP made translation errors in Welsh when they launched their Wales website in 2013. The party called themselves 'Plaid Annibyniaeth y Du', which means the 'Black Independence party', rather than DU, which stands for Y Deyrnas Unedig (United Kingdom).

This is what happens when an English nationalist party seeks to carve out territory outside their usual comfort zone.
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