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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

How a new recipe has soured Easter for Cadburys

Christmas is barely over and already the shops are stocking up on Easter Eggs. However, for Cadbury's Easter may already be turning sour as the Telegraph reports that they have suffered multi-million pound losses after sparking storm of protest across Britain by replacing Dairy Milk in recipe with cheaper chocolate.

US Owner, Mondelez is fighting back and insists that the recipe change did not have an impact:

Marketing manager Claire Low told The Grocer: "The fundamentals of Cadbury Creme Egg remain exactly the same. It's simply not the case that Creme Egg has always been made with Cadbury Dairy Milk."

But the report says that Creme Egg was not the only casualty. Sales of Cadbury Egg 'n' Spoon, launched in 2012, crashed by £1.2 million as average prices fell by nearly a fifth, partly as a result of fiercer deals and strong growth for own label and the discounters.

Ms Low acknowledged that with this Easter the earliest since 2008, recovering lost sales would be a tall order.

"We are aware shorter seasons can be challenging," she told the magazine. "To strengthen our positioning, we will continue to invest in power brands, launching new seasonal products and a brand new Easter pack design."

All of which causes me to reflect that I am getting old and that they don't make sweets like those that were available to me when I was at school. Could it be that we are finally falling out of love with chocolate?
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