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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Welsh Tories stumble over Mid and West Wales candidate selection

It tells us all we need to know that the Welsh Conservatives are able to overlook a conviction for animal offences in choosing their lead candidate for the Mid and West Wales regional Assembly list.

According to the BBC Powys opposition group leader Aled Davies was fined more than £2,500 in October after admitting six offences. Animal health officers found nine sheep carcasses on his farm said to have been dead for two weeks. He also admitted failing to register the death of a cow.

The BBC quote a a Conservative spokeswoman who said: "Aled has the backing of the membership of Mid and West Wales as shown by today's results. The offences were not related to animal health or animal welfare."

Whichever way you look at it this is not a good choice for the Tories, nor do their protestations that Councillor Davies' conviction should be overlooked so that he can represent the region have much credibility.
A point well raised Mr Black, but you should add that Cllr Davies also refused to stand down as chair of a Powys county council committee he was sitting on following the offence but was thankfully voted off by his fellow committee members. The arrogance of the man is unbelievable.

He should not be allowed to stand for prospective assembly member. I for one don't want him to represent me.

The sad news is that Russell George AM is not at all popular in Montgomeryshire, so we could well see the top conservative candidate elected from the mid & west wales region should Russ George lose his seat in the 2016 election.

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