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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

John McDonnell kills political satire

What future is there for political satire after John McDonnell's response to the Comprehensive Spending Review today?

As the Telegraph reports, the Shadow Chancellor stood up in the Commons chamber, pulled Mao Zedong's little red book out of his pocket and quoted it at George Osborne. Apparently, he was complaining about China investing its balance of payments surplus in British infrastructure projects.

Unfortunately, McDonnell just provided ammunition for the Chancellor of Exchequer to fire back at him:

Mr Osborne tore into Mr McDonnell after he pulled off the stunt, declaring: "It is his 'personally signed copy'."

The Chancellor held up the book for MPs to see as Mr McDonnell watched on.

He joked that the problem was Mr McDonnell had sent half of his shadow cabinet colleagues off for "re-education".

Meanwhile political satirists everywhere are busy applying for re-training. None of them are going to be able to beat this stunt. Anybody thinking of helping the Labour Party with their branding problems may also wish to rethink their career choices.

Note: The extract above is from The West Wing
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