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Monday, November 23, 2015

Irony is dead as Corbyn hits out at critics

Is it the case that irony is no longer a thing? If it is then it has certainly by-passed the Labour leadership.  For according to the Independent, Jeremy Corbyn, a man who built his career on revolting against the whip and destabilising the Labour leadership, has authorised the publication of a critique of Labour MPs who insist on defying him.

The paper says that Corbyn has accused his internal critics of creating an “atmosphere of chaos” in the Labour Party through “constant sniping” and “bitter attacks”:

In the first public response to the criticisms of his leadership, Mr Corbyn’s team has used his official Facebook page to lambast MPs and “New Labour grandees” for attempting to destabilise his leadership.

And in what will be perceived as a threat it accuses them of “doing the membership of the party that voted for Jeremy a massive disservice”, calling on them to “do your job and represent us”.

The post, which The Independent understands was authorised by the Labour leader, comes after a week in which he has faced public and private criticism for his stance on Trident, Syria and how the British police should respond to a terrorist attack.

Describing Mr Corbyn’s critics as a “vocal” section of the Parliamentary Labour Party, the unnamed author claims their views are not acceptable as part of the debate about Labour’s future.

“What we have seen from a small section of the Parliamentary [Labour] Party and some New Labour ‘grandees’ recently isn’t opinion and it’s not about debate,” the post says.

“It is a constant sniping, undermining and, at times, bitter attack. It’s designed to create an atmosphere of chaos. We are here to tell you that we’re sick of it. Not only is it now boring, but it is entirely destructive.”

The post also accuses some Labour MPs of being in hock to the right-wing media, which is using them to undermine the party.

For those of us who lived through the 1980s this blaming of the media for the Labour Party's ills is on familiar ground. But now it is the left in charge and they are the ones defending their record. They really don't like it when opponents use their own tactics against them.
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