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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Will Tories take their toys home over Lords' defeats?

The prospect of the Government being defeated in the House of Lords over cuts to tax credits has apparently provoked some angry Conservatives to threaten drastic action against the upper chamber.

The Independent reports that Government sources have told the Huffington Post that they may suspend the House of Lords or flood the chamber with Tory peers to ensure the cuts, due to come into force next April, are passed.

An ‘insider’ is reported to have told the website: “If they do this, they will turn this from being a matter about tax credits into a huge constitutional issue of the Lords’ powers.”

If the Government were to take such a course of action then that really would provoke a constitutional crisis. It is just a shame that they did not support Liberal Democrats plan to reform the second chamber in the last Parliament. If they had done so then they might not have this headache now.
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