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Friday, October 23, 2015

Tories squirm over broken promises on tax credits

I have blogged previously about the House of Lords holding up Cameron's tax credit cuts. In my region we have estimated that 12,300 families in Swansea, 7,600 families in Neath Port Talbot, and 8,200 families in Bridgend and Ogmore will lose out under these Conservative plans.

Figures produced by the House of Commons Library show over three million low-income working families currently in receipt of tax credits will see their entitlement reduced UK-wide. The change will mean a total loss of £31.2m to families in the three council areas in South Wales West with the average family losing £750 a year.

The key issue of course is whether this proposal is a broken promise by David Cameron or not. George Osborne thinks not. According to the Independent he insists that these cuts “signalled” before the general election. The evidence says otherwise:

During a BBC Question Time event on 30 April David Cameron was asked whether he would cut tax credits.

He responded: “No, I don't want to do that. This report that's out today is something I rejected at the time as Prime Minister and I reject it again today.”

Michael Gove, the government chief whip before the election, said of tax credits a week before the election: “We’re going to freeze them for two years, we are not going to cut them.”

No wonder the Tories are squirming over this.
Yep, it's a bad business when a political breaks its promises .... no ifs. no buts, etc
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