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Thursday, October 01, 2015

It isnt just Labour frontbenchers who disagree with Corbyn

Just in case we thought it was only the shadow cabinet who had fundamental policy differences with the Jeremy Corbyn, up pops newly elected MP Stephen Kinnock to register his own protest.

Kinnock is of course the son of the last Labour leader to be excoriated by the tabloid press and no stranger to controversy himself, having scraped through the selection process for Aberavon by one vote amid accusations of him parachuting in from Denmark or some other far-flung realm. Having said that he is a perfectly pleasant and likeable bloke.

According to the BBC, Stephen Kinnock does not agree with Corbyn's proposal for a maximum wage. He has said that although it sounds like a good idea it could be counterproductive: "I don't think we should be floating ideas like that unless we are clear about whether they would work in practice," he said.

He told a fringe meeting at the Labour Conference: "I have very little problem with outstanding executives receiving proportionate bonuses but when eye-watering bonuses are extended to people simply for doing their jobs, or worse in the case of RBS in the wake of the crash, doing their jobs badly."

He said the party had to be careful about the "mood music" it was playing towards the business community.

It is getting to the stage that we will only be commenting when a spokesperson agrees with Corbyn.

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