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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Corbyn acquires his own stalking horse

It was Margaret Thatcher who first introduced us to stalking horses. Now Jeremy Corbyn has got one, whether he likes it or nor.

The Independent reports that Rochdale MP,  Simon Danczuk is preparing to put his name forward in a leadership challenge if Labour performs poorly at May’s Scottish, Welsh and London elections.

This latest act of defiance comes on top of  the resignation of Lord Warner, who was a Health minister under Tony Blair, arguing that Labour “is no longer a credible government in waiting”. Whilst, Lord Grabiner, Master of Clare College, Cambridge, has also quit the Labour benches, stating that he has “nothing in common whatever with Mr Corbyn”.

All-in-all, it has been a pretty ropey honeymoon for Jeremy Corbyn, with many seniour members of his own party unwilling to accept the result of the leadership election. How this will play out in the polls is difficult to see but all the signs are that Corbyn's selectorate remains solidly behind him. Whether that is enough, we will have to see.
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