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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

What to buy the person who has everything?

It is an age-old dilemma, what do you buy the person who supposedly has everything they want. Alas, it is not a real dilemma because most of us do not know such people. However, according to the Independent, the multi-millionaires who helped to found Facebook have the perfect solution. They have set up a secret website containing their wish lists.

The paper says that Nick Bilton, who wrote about the Silicon Valley tech bubble for Vanity Fair has discovered  'T.N.R. 250', which is short for 'The Nouveau Riche 250', and which comprises Facebook's first 250 employees, many of whom have become multi-millionaires.

Members of T.N.R. 250 use the group to discuss what they want to do with the cash they have put away as Facebook has grown. The wish list includes boats, planes, Banksy portraits and even tropical islands:

The catch? The group is not actually on Facebook. That would spoil the illusion many in Silicon Valley are working hard to maintain that they don’t really care about money at all.

Secrecy is partly a result of the dot com crash 200, according to the New York Times – when the celebratory balloons at billion parties deflated as the air went out of the tech market.

The Times has also pointed out that it’s not cool to care about your wealth when some of the most famous tech billionaires don’t. Steve Jobs wore the same roll-neck for nearly every Apple presentation, while Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, is similarly unflashy about his wealth.

Still, as long as their families can access the website so as to know what to get them for Christmas.

I have this problem with the other half every Christmas and birthday. He's by no means a millionaire, but he earns a reasonably good salary, house & car bought and paid for and lives simply. He doesn't have a wishlist and whenever I ask, he says he doesn't want for anything. He's happy. But Christmas time he comes with the car boot loaded full of gifts for me and my dogs! It's almost embarrassing. I usually manage to get him a little something but he says he's just happy to be with me. Doesn't your heart just weep for those poor millionaires? ��
Q. What do you get for the person who has everything?

A. Antibiotics!
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