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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Now UKIP are fighting amongst themselves

The Spectator reports on an extraordinary spat at the UKIP Conference yesterday in which they say that the party's one and only MP, Douglas Carswell was accused of being ‘borderline autistic with mental illness wrapped in’ by the party’s donor and founder of the Leave.EU campaign Arron Banks and of having ‘residual loyalty’ to his Conservative colleagues by Ukip leader Nigel Farage.

They say that the row between the three men erupted after Farage claimed on the conference stage that he would be the man to make the campaign to leave the EU a ‘united force’.

After the speech, he said the Business for Britain campaign led by Matthew Elliot doesn’t want to leave the EU yet, and that by the time it had decided it wanted to leave ‘we’ll have lost the war by then’.

Douglas Carswell then contradicted his leader by telling the Spectator that Business for Britain was the group that UKIP needed to work with, not Banks’ Leave.EU campaign.

This latest spat underlines the dysfunctional nature of UKIP, kept together only by a common desire to leave Europe and the enormous ego of its leader. That Carswell was elected and Farage was not threatens to blow open at least one of these rationales. And if they do insist on washing their dirty laundry in public then who am I to complain?
Carswell is the only prominent 'kipper who displays any humanitarian feelings. It is not surprising he arouses such thick-headed reactions.

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