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Thursday, August 27, 2015

UKIP Candidate suggests that migrants should be gassed

Over in Caerphilly, a UKIP council by-election candidate has been dropped like a stone after posting on his Facebook page that immigrants should be gassed.

The BBC say that Bobby Douglas also suggested an American woman refused entry to the UK should have "painted herself black" and pretended she could not speak English to obtain benefits.

The remarks, on Facebook, were made in 2014 and UKIP claim that they were not aware of them when he was selected. This is despite the fact that after the general election campaign, during which there were several negative stories about the party's candidates,  UKIP told BBC Wales that its selection process for the 2016 assembly election campaign would be "very rigorous'.

Mistakes can happen of course but in UKIP's case it is becoming a habit, underlining the kind of candidate who is attracted to their party.

What is more Mark Reckless, the former MP and the UKIP campaign manager in Wales was recently on Radio Wales telling us of his experiences on the doorstep in Caerphilly.

Could he have been campaigning with Bobby Douglas? If so then this is not just an isolated by-election candidate but one with the full force of the party establishment behind him.

UKIP have been found out once more.

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