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Saturday, August 01, 2015

Dunking the biscuit test

Andy Burnham is the latest politician to flounder in a live webchat with Mumsnet, responding to the famous biscuit question by saying he prefers beer, chips and gravy. What sort of answer is that?

Over at the Telegraph, they have listed all the answers given by politicians to the query as to what is their favourite biscuit. It has featured in 28 of 76 such encounters.

Margaret Thatcher famously struggled with a member of the public demanding details about the sinking of the Belgrano. For Gordon Brown, it was the biscuit question that sank his campaign.

As for the rest:  Nick Clegg's choice of rich tea biscuits (if dunking) or chocolate HobNobs (if alone) is pretty solid. A man of flexibility and nuance.

Nicola Sturgeon's penchant for Tunnock's Caramel Wafers could be cringeworthy nationalism or could plausibly be simply because they are delicious.

And say what you like about Ed Miliband, he's remarkably consistent here. December 2009: Jaffa Cake. December 2011: Jaffa Cake.

Some answers are just a bit odd. Ed Davey likes fig rolls. David Cameron likes oatcakes (with, he specifies, butter and cheese). Natalie Bennett of the Green Party likes macaroons because she can't eat gluten (fair enough).

Personally, I side with Laurence Dodds and Asa Bennett, the authors of the piece, in choosing milk chocolate HobNobs, with ginger nuts as a runner up. Dunking is optional of course.
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