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Monday, August 24, 2015

Chilcott coming under increasing pressure to name a date

The Telegraph says that patience has finally run out amongst MPs over the long-awaited Chilcott report into the Iraq war. This report was commissioned by Gordon Brown in 2009 and yet six months later there is no sight or sound of it.

The paper says that MPs will discuss next week how best to exert pressure on the former civil servant before parliament returns two weeks today:

One option would involve Sir John being summoned to give evidence to the Commons’ foreign affairs committee, although Crispin Blunt, its chairman, has indicated that he would not support such a move.

Critics such as David Davis could instead force a Commons debate and vote on the delay to the report by the inquiry, set up by Gordon Brown in 2009. A vote would have no legal force, but it would be uncomfortable for the panel.

The whole country has been on tenterhooks to see this report. Let us hope that it is not a big let down.
The Independent has run a few things on this recently, pushing the idea that the attacks on Chilcott for the delay are an attempt to discredit him, and hence to undermine the report. As both Labour and Conservatives supported the invasion, it could well make uncomfortable reading for both of them, so this might be a neat way to sideline it. All the sabre-rattling to put pressure on him looks a bit different if MPs know there are good reasons for a delay.
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