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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Plaid Cymru gag one of their star names

There is no surer sign of a paranoid leader, uncomfortable with her role and not in control of her own party than one who pursues gagging orders against her own colleagues, especially one who only a few years ago was a rival for the leadership. In fact there are many examples of this sort of behaviour, most of them in non-democratic countries.

I have said many times that Plaid Cymru are not a liberal party and earlier this week they proved it by getting Dafydd Elis-Thomas' local party to prevent him speaking out-of-turn on issues he feels strongly about.

The Western Mail reports that Lord Elis-Thomas has been told he can not make public statements on Plaid Cymru’s policy and strategy without agreeing them with his constituency first. This edict came about after Plaid Cymru's National Executive sent representatives to meet with the  Dwyfor Meirionnydd constituency party to try and rein him in.

What was Lord Elis-Thomas' offence? He gave a view on his party's General Election campaign, after the event.  Telling the media in June that their campaign was not focused on arguments about Wales’ future.

He added that Plaid Cymru has no special pleading that it is more Welsh than other parties, and that to say so was arrogant and a “bit sectarian”:

“It's not about complaining on behalf of Wales now, its about running the country,” he said.

Dafydd Elis-Thomas is a much-respected member of the National Assembly with a great deal to contribute. That Plaid Cymru have effectively side-lined him speaks volumes for their own short-comings as a party.
DET is an experienced politician whose views are eclectic and not partisan .
He is one of the few characters down the Bay Sad he is being gagged.
democracy rules OK - or does it any more
Not gagged by the party leader- by his own constituency. She has stayed out of it.
Decision taken after local party addressed by Plaid Cymru Chief Executive and another member of the National Executive. Issue to be referred back to the National Executive for consideration. The fingerprints of the leader are all over this.
I suppose it's easier to keep control in a party with tiny number of elected members.
Not really. The fewer elected members the more they think that they are unassailable
Have you any evidence at all for your assertion that LW is responsible for DET being called to account, or is your post an amusing example of truthiness Lib Dem style?
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