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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Now the Tories start to unpick Liberal Democrats work to tackle climate change

Watching the Tories make cuts to welfare benefits, which the Liberal Democrats had blocked when in Government is painful enough, but having Labour collude with them in measures such as limiting child tax credit to two children defies belief.

Now it seems that, not content with delivering unnecessary and ideological cuts to our welfare system, the Tories also want to undo some of the good work of our Ministers on climate change. In particular, they have announced they will end all Government funding to the Green Deal, a programme set up by the Liberal Democrats in Coalition that helps people make their homes more energy efficient.

As Tim Farron says, for five years Liberal Democrats fought sceptical Tories to ensure we were the greenest Government ever by investing billions in renewables and setting out ambitious climate change targets.

But in quietly dumping the Green Deal, David Cameron has once more shown how little he cares about the future of the planet.

I was particularly taken with this phrase, which is classic-Farron and underlines how life is not going to be boring with him as leader:

"The Prime Minister has not so much hugged a husky as led it behind the coal shed, shot it in the head and told his Energy Secretary it has gone to live on a farm in the country."

The value of having the Liberal Democrats in government is becoming clearer every day.
> phrase, which is classic-Farron
>and underlines how life is not
>going to be boring with him as leader

Speak to Liberals of a certain age and they will tell you how they were inspired to join by the rhetoric of Jo Grimond. What will be the Farron equivalent of "marching my troops towards the sound of gunfire" I wonder?

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