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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Labour MP's newsletter strikes a tone

The latest edition of Swansea West MP, Geraint Davies' monthly newsletter to his local Labour members drops onto my desk.

On the back page is a rather fetching series of photographs of Mr. Davies, and Aberavon MP, Stephen Kinnock alongside their favoured leadership candidates - Yvette Cooper for leader and Caroline Flint for deputy leader.

Geraint Davies writes: "For Deputy I've nominated Ben Bradshaw as I believe it is important that he is on the ballot papers, to argue that we need to win over 90 seats in the south of England to win a majority." Quite why Ben Bradshaw is the only candidate capable of making such an argument is not explained.

Mr Davies is struggling with this 90 seat target under Ben Bradshaw as well, as he goes on to say: "I think Caroline Flint is the best person to achieve this outcome and that is why I will be supporting and voting her." Confused? So am I.

The persuasive powers of the Swansea West MP are clearly waning. His belief that "Yvette Cooper is the best person to beat Cameron at the despatch box and to beat Osborne, May or Boris in the media and at the ballot box" is not shared by his constituency party. They have nominated Jeremy Corbyn.

My favourite part of the newsletter though is the headline on page 5 - "Welsh foxes deserve protection of Welsh badgers".

I can just about picture badgers across the countryside forming saboteur groups and hiring coaches to go and lobby Parliament.

The sentiment is fine, I just have doubts about the delivery.
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