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Sunday, July 05, 2015

How to solve the MPs' housing crisis

Changes to MP's expenses regime have meant that they can no longer buy properties in central London with taxpayer's money. Instead they have to rent or use a hotel. This has caused some angst for many MPs but also some controversy, with some honourable members letting properties they own whilst renting another one nearby with their allowances.

However, at least one politician has found a solution to this problem. The Black Dog column in the Mail on Sunday reports that new Yorkshire Labour MP Jo Cox has taken to living in a cosy houseboat near Tower Bridge.

Her problems came when she tried to take the idea too far and decided that the best way to beat the London traffic was to commute to the Commons along the Thames.

Unfortunately, when she asked for permission to power up the river in her dinghy and tie it up alongside the MPs’ Terrace under Big Ben she was told that this was not possible for ‘Security reasons and ’health and safety.’

One other possibility that the House of Commons authorities might like to consider is the ingenious solution adopted by Garry Monk to enable his players to rest during training.

As the Western Mail reports the Swansea City Football Club manager has introduced high-tech temporary hotels at the side of the Swans’ training pitches in order to get the most from his men this summer. The tent-like sleeping pods at the club's Landore base mean that players can rest-up in between double training sessions.

A few of these on College Green will save the taxpayer a fortune.
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