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Friday, June 12, 2015

Those missing UKIP MEPs

This is the bar chart that shows what we have long suspected that UKIP MEPs are bottom of the league when it comes to taking part in votes in the European Parliament.

The Guardian says that data provided by VoteWatch Europe shows that between July 2014 and May 2015, its 23 MEPs have on average participated in only 62.29% of votes in the European parliament.

No other party - including other eurosceptics ones - among the analysed group has a participation rate below 80%. They add that two other UK parties also make the bottom 10 – the Greens and the Conservatives – as does Italy’s New Centre-Right party, which was founded after a split from Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia.

UKIP make full use of their Parliamentary allowances though and have attracted controversy in the past for the way that they spend them. Maybe they should try to earn their salaries by turning up to vote more often.
They're sort of in the same position as Sinn Fein, aren't they? They're been elected to a parliament whose authority they don't recognise and which they want to leave, so they don't turn up but claim their expenses anyway.
It is an improvement on their record in the previous EP, when they hardly turned up at all. But seeing what they do when they are present, it would be better if they stayed away. They have consistently voted against measures which would improve the lot of EU citizens.

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