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Monday, June 08, 2015

Inexplicable nomination to chair Commons Health Select Committee

The Spectator is particularly scathing today about the nomination of Conservative MP, David Tredinnick as chair of the House of Commons Health Select Committee. Damien Thompson writes:

David Tredinnick is an Old Etonian Tory MP whom I met when he was a mature student at Oxford. He seemed a nice enough chap but we were all astonished when he was elected to Parliament. He struck us as a bear of very little brain.

How unfair to bears that turned out to be. Tredinnick, who – incredibly – sits on the Commons Health Select Committee, believes that astrology works and, according to the Telegraph, that a full moon can cause internal bleeding. And, it goes without saying, he supports the cult of homeopathy, which puts lives at risk with its idiot doctrines.

To quote the world-renowned scientist Lord Winston, ‘Let me say firmly: I think his views are lunatic’.

The paper prints a roll call of MPs who, for some inexplicable reason believe that Tredinnick's views are a suitable fit to lead the scrutiny of England's health service. Amongst them is one of the MPs representing a constituency within my South Wales West region, the once apparently-sensible Huw Irranca-Davies.

And I wonder what Plaid Cymru's health spokesperson will think about Hywel Williams MP nominating Mr. Tredinnick for this post? Is homeopathy part of Plaid Cymru health policy now?
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