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Thursday, June 25, 2015

All roads lead to Llandudno Junction

On Tuesday the Finance Minister made a statement on her budget tour, allegedly listening to stakeholders about what should be her budget priorities. Today, in response to one of my questions she sent me the itinerary.

18 June           - Aberystwyth
2 July              - Llandudno Junction
16 July            - Cardiff
23 July            - Swansea
3 August         - Newtown
9 September   - Llandudno Junction
10 September - Merthyr Tydfil

Obviously, I am disappointed not to have received a tour T-shirt but also puzzled as to why she is going to Llandudno Junction twice.
Pertinent question.

Small correction though: Llandudno is not Llandudno Junction.

Llandudno is the tacky Victorian bathing town, full of old people and cafe's with damp, funny smelling seats. Llandudno Junction is basically built around the railway station where the line branches off to either Bangor or Llandudno, hence the name.

There is an Assembly office built on the ground of the old Hotpoint areal, so that's probably the reason for her going. She will probably have to go twice, as she won't believe it the first time round.

I wonder if she will be going by train? would be interesting to find out ....
yes I knew that. My grandmother used to live there. I was rushing and have now corrected the post
Mind you, Enochs chippy is well worth a visit. It's on the way from the station to the Assembly buildings. They serve local lobster there now apparently. Not been for years. Not since playing football against Ysgol Maelgwn.
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