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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

UKIP at odds with itself

UKIP claim to be different to other parties. In reality they are not. However, if this newspaper article in  the Telegraph is to be believed they have invented a new form of in-fighting, one where the leader plots against himself.

The paper quotes the UK Independence Party's deputy chairman, Suzanne Evans, who has denied that she or others planned a coup for the party leadership. Instead she says that Farage was undermining himself. It is not clear as to whether he was aware of this at the time:

"The only person that's ever plotted against Nigel Farage's leadership is Nigel Farage himself, by offering to resign if he didn't win his Westminster seat," Miss Evans told the BBC on Wednesday.

Farage, himself continues to insist that his party is still united:

Mr Farage said: "What has happened in Ukip is since the election, after the pressure cooker atmosphere of the campaign office, one or two regrettable things were said and done by a very small number of people.

"I’ll tell you where this leaves Ukip going into this referendum campaign, unlike the other parties: united. 100 per cent united."

He told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "We have for over 20 years fought hard to make the EU an issue, we were told we were the mad men from the hills for even considering whether Britain could have a future outside political union and we now have a referendum on the subject.
"We are united, the other parties are very, very divided."

Well if the activity we have all witnessed over the last two weeks amounts to a united party I need to get a new dictionary.
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