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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Standing up for Liberalism

I was actually asleep when Nick Clegg gave his resignation speech and had not watched it until today. What prompted me to look it up on You Tube was a substantial donation to the local party received in my office today along with a note from the donor saying that it was the most inspiring and moving speech they had seen from a politician.

Having now watched it I agree with that assessment. It is little wonder that our membership is growing on the back of that speech. Watch it for yourself below and come to your own judgement:

You are correct Peter. This is the best speech I have ever heard from a British politician. It has certainly motivated me to get back involved as much as I can (work permitting). It also motivated me to renew my membership a month early and also increase the value of my subscription. I will also be making an additional donation in the coming days. Nick puts it MUCH better than I but the politics of hope and unity must prevail over the politics of fear and division. That is something I will fight for - oh and of course the intrinsic values of Liberalism. Nick is correct when he states that the irony in all this is that the Liberal Democrats are needed now more than ever.
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