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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Tory hypocrisy on tax cuts exposed

The changes to the personal tax allowance brought in by the coalition government has meant thar 175,000 low paid workers in Wales no longer pay income tax, whilst 1.1 million Welsh taxpayers are £825 better off compared to 2010.

It is a major achievement and has come about solely because of the Liberal Democrats presence in Government. It was a pledge on the front page of our manifesto and we insisted on its inclusion in the coalition agreement, despite Tory scepticism about its affordability.

That is why it rankles so much to see the Tories now trying to claim the credit for it. We should not forget David Cameron's words in the leaders' debates in 2010. He said: "I would love to take everyone out of their first £10,000 of income tax, Nick...We cannot afford it". And here is the proof:

Tory hypocrisy on this issue is astounding.
Nick Clegg did very well as he did when they all came together before 2010 GE.
As a general theme their was the lack of intellectual debate, Clegg was the exception- neither over borrowing or overcutting is a good message which could see the Lib Dem vote to be much better than the pollsters suggest
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