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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Tony Blair to form an ex-Leaders' support group?

Just when we thought we were rid of him, Tony Blair pops up again and threatens to haunt us for the next thirty years.

The Times reveals that the ex-Prime Minister wants to create a “cadre” of former leaders and has plans to remain in public life for the next three decades, claiming that it is odd that accomplished statesmen are expected to retire and play golf:

In an article in Newsweek, Mr Blair also expounded on his idea of creating a leaders’ club, saying one was needed because only other leading statesmen could fully appreciate the experiences a former national leader has undergone.

“The moment I’m talking to a new leader and I’m describing what I felt and what the challenges were, there’s a total and instant empathy,” he told the magazine. “Whether they come from the left or the right, what they want is to get things done. And I know what it’s like because I’ve sat in the decision-making seat.”

Mr Blair, 61, said that since many leaders of even small nations were “fantastic executors”, then “why not use their talents and their experience?”

He said: “I want to build a cadre of people. Why not come and help the president of this country or the prime minister of that country?” 

Stop me if you have seen that film. Who needs Marvel when Tony Blair is assembling his own gang of super-heroes to solve all the World's problems?
Perhaps an extension of Bilderberg?

"Mr Blair, 61, said that since many leaders of even small nations were “fantastic executors””...

Nursultan Nazarbayev springs immediately to mind, followed at a fast canter by Paul Kagame, Mohammedu Buhari, and anyone who is anyone in Burma.

Sorry, sorry. Thought he said 'executioners'...
The assembly should pay for a plane ticket for Blair to the Old Yugoslavia so the great man can understand what War does to a people- not just the fighters but everybody else, it could prove to be very valuable for the former PM's education and may prove indispensible if he ever get's back into a position of authority
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