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Thursday, April 02, 2015

Labour have zero credibility on zero hours contracts

Ed Miliband is right to highlight the problems caused by zero hours contracts but what credibility does he actually have on this issue?

As this article reports 68 Labour MPs, nearly a quarter of Mr. Miliband's Parliamentary party, have been accused of using these controversial contracts to employ staff. Furthermore 21,798 of these contracts have been handed out by Labour-run Councils.

And that is before we focus on votes in the Welsh Assembly where Labour AMs have twice vetoed moves to ban zero-hours contracts in public services here.

/>The most insidious part of zero hours contracts are the exclusivity clauses. That is an issue Vince Cable and the Liberal Democrats have already focussed on. Uncertainty about working hours is one thing, being told that you cannot make up hours elsewhere is unfair and inequitable.
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