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Thursday, April 09, 2015

Divining public opinion

It is quite clear that some members of the third estate struggle with the concept of a hung Parliament. Like many others they like certainty and for things to be clear cut. Coalition government has not suited them at all.

That is apparent from this article in today's Independent, in which they take a look at the things that the vast majority of the public can agree on. Note this does not involve majority government in any form whatsoever, at least not yet.

They say that 72% of the British public support introducing plain, standardised packaging for tobacco products, 61% approve of £10 fines for missing NHS appointments as a way of funding the service, 52% agree that gay men can become parents (for example through using surrogate mothers, adoption, 53% support sexual education in or before Year 6, 59% think the BBC were right to sack Jeremy Clarkson, and 59% support McDonalds serving breakfast all day in all of its restaurants in Britain.

Having got that off their chest I am sure the journalists concerned will now be able to sleep better at night, though I am not sure that the rest of us have gained anything at all from this exercise.
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