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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Are the SNP holding back Labour?

I have already discussed here how the SNP's clear preference to work with Labour in Government at a UK level might be damaging Ed Miliband's prospects of entering number 10 as Prime Minister on 8th May. The Tories have been exploiting this for all it is worth and it seems that their efforts have borne fruit.

The Independent reports that a new poll has concluded that the prospect of a post-election deal between Labour and the Scottish National Party makes one in four voters less likely to support Ed Miliband’s party:

Polling company ORB, which questioned 2,000 people, found that a potential Labour-SNP deal made 25 per cent of voters less likely to vote Labour and 16 per cent more likely – a difference of nine points, which could be crucial in a tight election.

Many of those saying such an agreement makes them more likely to vote Labour already intend to back Labour. Six in 10 people said such an arrangement would make no difference to how they vote.

People who intend to vote Ukip were most likely to be put off by the prospect of a Labour-SNP deal. Some 29 per cent of them said it would make them less likely to back Labour, while only 7 per cent said it would make that more likely.

It is little wonder that Ed Miliband is trying to make it clear that he will not do a deal with the SNP. The problem is that nobody believes him.
i am somewhat uncertain as to why these results, make the quote "that UKIP voters are returning to the Tories"..help please
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