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Monday, March 02, 2015

UKIP accused of breaking EU funding rules

The Times reports that questions have been raised over Ukip’s use of EU funding for general election campaign materials, after Labour accused the party of encouraging its candidates to break the rules.

They say that UKIP advised candidates in one of its confidential bi-weekly emails this month to “access materials” paid for by Brussels that argue that the EU is “damaging” to the UK’s national interests:

Such leaflets are published with funding granted to Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD), the bloc of national parties that Ukip belongs to in the European parliament. Use of the money is governed by strict rules.

The email from Ukip’s Elect 2015 Campaign Team, led by David Soutter, head of candidates, conceded: “As we’re now in an election period . . . There are tight regulations on the EFDD Group about what this literature can be used for, and the rules state quite clearly that it cannot be used for domestic electioneering purposes.”

Ukip then advised: “All you need to make sure you do is put such materials out on display for people to take, rather than physically handing them out.”

The instructions appear to go against strict rules set by the European parliament, which clearly state that funding for political groups “cannot be used to fund European political parties or electoral campaigns”.

The rules also state that this funding cannot “be used to finance any form of European, national, regional or local electoral campaign”.

It seems that UKIP don't mind the European Union when they can use its resources to its own advantage.
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