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Friday, March 13, 2015

The answer is no, Mr. Bond! #seneddbond

Lots of people on social media and in the real media are getting excited about a request from the makers of the new Bond movie to film in the Senedd Chamber. Unfortunately, the Assembly refused their request, spawning a whole hasttag - #seneddbond, lots of Welsh bond film titles such as Carwyn Royale, D'hondt is not enough and On Her Majesty’s Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Bill, and people comparing Leighton Andrews with Blofeld. All he needs is a white cat.

BBC Wales reports the official Assembly Commission statement:  "The Senedd's Siambr [chamber] is the home of Welsh democracy and seat of government for Wales.

"Some media activity is allowed in the Siambr when it relates to the work of the assembly or reflects the Siambr's status as the focal point of Welsh civic life.

"It is not a drama studio.

"Decisions on requests from the creative industries to use the assembly's estate are made on a case by case basis, and we are proud to have collaborated with many television and film companies on drama productions such as Sherlock and Dr Who.

"The request by James Bond to use the Siambr was turned down and they were offered alternative locations on the estate which they subsequently declined."
Clearly it's fair enough that it's not a drama studio, but this does lead one to muse what the criteria are for choosing between the projects on a 'case by case' basis which led to Doctor Who and Sherlock being filmed there but not Spectre.
Neither of those programmes used the chamber
"It is not a drama studio."

I beg to differ....
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