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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Labour peer continues to cause problems for Miliband

Ed Miliband must be wishing that Lord Mandelson could go back to Brussels. After all the former right-hand man of Tony Blair is not doing the new Labour leader any favours.

According to today's Times, Labour's former business secretary is once more publicly questioning the chances of Mr Miliband winning enough seats after the May 7 vote to get a majority. He told a Retail Week conference: "[There will] almost certainly be a stalemate hung Parliament in two months' time.":

Lord Mandelson said: "The two big parties in British politics have never polled a smaller share of the total vote as they are doing now. Why? Because people basically are unhappy with what's on offer.

They are therefore shopping around in politics in a way the large parties are ill-equipped to deal with, which will almost certainly deliver us a statemate hung Parliament in two months' time."
Grant Shapps, the Conservative Party chairman, said: "Lord Mandelson knows that Ed Miliband is a weak leader who simply isn't up to the job of being Prime Minister.

"Even Labour have acknowledged that they only way Ed Miliband will get into Downing Street is if he's carried there in Alex Salmond's pocket. That would mean chaos for Britain: more borrowing, higher taxes and weaker defences."

Presumably there will be a lot more of this sort of stuff before the General Election on 7th May.
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