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Sunday, March 08, 2015

Ed Miliband promises to pass a law

According to the Observer, Ed Miliband has promised that he will legislate to ensure that live television debates become permanent features of general election campaigns. In this way he hopes to prevent politicians blocking them for their own self-interest.  Something tells me that he has not thought this through.

The first question is why do Labour think that this sort of legislation is more important than laws to reform housing, the health service, tackle tax dodging or a whole range of other issues that matter to people?

The second, is does he really believe that this will win him votes? Most people will switch over to the football or Eastenders, or go to the pub. Nobody wants a government to legislate to fill their television screen with squabbling politicians.

Third is the detail. Who will he legislate to take part in these debates? Will he include the DUP, UUP, Alliance Party and Sinn Fein, all of whom have MPs but are currently excluded from broadcasters' plans? And what happens if the sitting Prime Minister refuses to play ball? Will he be thrown in prison? That is hardly the democratic, libertarian state we all live in and cherish.

This proposal is nonsense. It is transparent nonsense. And Miliband knows it is nonsense. He is making himself look foolish and self-serving. Whoever is advising him on this needs to calm down a bit.
smells of state-ism
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