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Friday, March 06, 2015

A failure to listen

Whatever the merits of the Assembly Remuneration Board's propoals to hike Assembly Member's pay by £10,000 a year after the next election their timing sucks.

The pay board say that the salary hike from £54,390 to £64,000 is justified because it reflects the increased responsibility that AMs will assume and changes to the job as a result of further devolution. However, as the Welsh Liberal Democrats spokesperson says: "Such a hike in salary for Assembly Members would be unthinkable considering that other public sector workers have seen their wage packets either frozen or rising only slightly in recent years."

And surely that is the point. The Remuneration Board have shown a distinct lack of sensitivity and political nous. At a time when others are struggling on minimum pay rises, if they get one at all, a 18.5% increase for Assembly Members cannot be justified.

We have until 8th April to respond to these proposals. Maybe this time they will listen.
> it reflects the increased
> responsibility that AMs will assume

The obvious alternative is to keep the pay the same and increase the number of AMs.

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