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Sunday, February 15, 2015

UKIP choose anti-gay zealot for Coventry South

The Hope not Hate blog records that the UKIP leadership has cast aside their selected candidate in Coventry South and imposed one of their favourites instead. This new candidate has a sting in his tail however.

They say that Reverend George Hargreaves is a former music producer and songwriter, who promoted 80's pop acts Sinitta, Yazz and Five Star amongst others. His biggest claim to fame was writing Sinitta's hit records "So Macho" and "Cruising" which both became gay anthems in the 1980's, making George Hargreaves a millionaire from the royalties and which saw him later move to The Isle of Man as a tax exile.

They add that during his time on the Manx island, Hargreaves embraced Christianity and became a Pentecostal minister. Soon after he became involved in politics, standing for The Referendum Party in the 1997 General Election:

Hargreaves formed The Christian Party in 2005 and in 2007 saw the formation of The Scottish Christian Party, set up by Hargreaves to contest the Scottish Parliamentary elections. Hargreaves used the money, generated by the royalties of Sinitta's hit singles to fund the campaign, which had a strong anti gay message, describing homosexuality as "a sin" and calling for a hard-line stance against abortion and euthanasia along with supporting a return of the death penalty and withdrawal from the EU.

The manifesto for the Scottish election contained proposals for the reinstatement of Section 28, banning of gay adoption and the prohibition of "acceptance or approval" of homosexuality in diversity training, outlawing embryo research and introducing mandatory Christian religious education into schools.

His former flatmate and song writing partner was a gay man who died of AIDS. This didn't stop Hargreaves saying in one interview that HIV patients should be refused NHS treatment since their illness was "self-inflicted".

Hargreaves also formed The Welsh Christian Party in 2007 and campaigned to remove the dragon from the Welsh flag, claiming that it was "nothing less than the sign of Satan".

Another of Hargreaves campaigns was denouncing Manchester United as a "sponsor of satanic worship" for featuring a pitchfork-holding devil on its badge. The Reverend announced "We urge Wayne Rooney not to honour the devil by wearing this shirt nor kiss this badge" .

The true face of UKIP emerges once more through this leadership-endorsed candidate.
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