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Thursday, February 05, 2015

The stubbornness of social media

Those of us who use social media learn very quickly that it is a law unto itself. You cannot control it, you just have to be careful what you post and hope for the best. And if what you post has any traction then you will attract followers.

That lesson does not seem to have to have filtered through to the Tory Party who, according to the Independent are reportedly spending more than £100,000 a month, or well in excess of £1 million a year, on its Facebook presence.

The paper says that while the Tories see the money as a good investment in their attempts to reach more young voters, it does not appear to be working as well as they might like. That is because in terms of overall support, Britain First is almost twice as popular as the Conservative Party on Facebook, amassing nearly 650,000 likes compared to the Tories’ 340,000.

More seriously, despite massively outspending Labour, the Tories' 341,293 'likes' is only marginally more than the opposition party's 332,916.

When the Beatles sang 'money can't buy me love', little did they know that 49 years later the Conservative Party would be proving them right.
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