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Friday, February 06, 2015

Labour's memory boosters

Yesterday's Guardian article in which a Labour donor has criticised Ed Miliband and Ed Balls for their memory lapses and mansion tax proposals is nothing really new.

The paper says that Gulam Noon, who has given nearly £873,000 to the party, £100,000 of that since Miliband became leader, made his fortune from the manufacture of ready meals and is worth an estimated £75m has described the memory lapses the Labour leadership team as very embarrassing.

The part I enjoyed most though was the suggestion that Labour’s leader and the shadow chancellor should “eat almonds every day [said to improve brain power] so they remember things when they are interviewed or speak in public.”

This is a new one on me, but clearly I will have to try it.
A man who didn't have enough "brain power" himself to realise that there was a connection between a peerage and donating lots of money to New Labour.
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